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Dumbell Shaped Dog Chew Toy

Dumbell Shaped Dog Chew Toy

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Introducing our Interactive TPR Pet Chew Toys Set, designed to provide hours of entertainment and promote dental health for your furry friend. These dumbbell-shaped toys are not only fun and squeaky but also serve as a playful way for your pet to clean their teeth.

Key Features:

  • Interactive Play: These toys are perfect for interactive play, keeping your pet engaged and mentally stimulated.

  • Squeaky Fun: The toys emit an enjoyable squeak when bitten, enhancing your pet's playtime experience.

  • Molar Cleaning: The textured surface of the toys helps clean your pet's teeth and gums, promoting dental hygiene.

  • Durable TPR Material: Crafted from high-quality TPR (Thermoplastic Rubber), these toys are built to withstand vigorous play.

  • Ideal for Puppies: Suitable for puppies and dogs of all sizes, offering a fun and molar-cleaning solution.

  • Pet-Friendly Design: Designed with your pet's safety and enjoyment in mind, these toys are non-toxic and harmless.

Elevate playtime and contribute to your pet's dental health with our Interactive TPR Pet Chew Toys Set 🐾. Order now to provide your furry friend with endless fun and cleaner teeth! 🦷🎾🐶


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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Gerson Bayer

In the photo shows 4 pieces but only comes 1. The seller should specify better how many pieces comes. To me seems like deception.

Bailee Schuster

It's very soft and the noise scares the puppy

Connor Kozey

It's smaller than I expected but my dog loves it🤣

Miracle Carter

Puppy releasing Toy

Jaeden Cummings

Good material. Met his goal.