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Pet Ice Pad Mat

Pet Ice Pad Mat

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Keep your pet comfortable all summer long

Pets are too hot to sleep, and sleeping on the floor is too dirty and humid, and it is easy to get sick and diarrhea if you are not careful, so what should you do?


Our rattan mat nest solves this problem for you once and for all!

Refreshing touch—The middle is made of high-quality rattan weave, 3D structure emits residual heat from the pet's body, 3 times the rate of cooling, giving the pet a comfortable and cool enjoyment.

Better breathability—Soft Q elastic support, skin-friendly and comfortable loose fiber structure, can effectively absorb moisture and heat, bringing a better breathable effect.

Scratch and wear resistant—No matter how your pet scratches and bites, it will not damage it in the slightest, and you can even use it to repair your pet's nails.

Easy to clean—When you want to clean it, just wipe it with a rag and it's as good as new.

Anti-slip design—Products using Oxford cloth backing, wear-resistant waterproof tightly grip the ground, so that pets sleep more comfortable.

Soft pillow—The small fence next to it is made of soft fabric that your cat will be happy to use as a pillow.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Craig Brekke

My kitten likes excellent product

Jordy O'Reilly

Very good.

Archibald Shields

All right. It's okay.

Jennings Jast


Genesis Schinner

The kids love it.