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Interactive Suction Cup Large Dog Ball Toy: Slow Feeder, Chewable, and Teeth Cleaning

Interactive Suction Cup Large Dog Ball Toy: Slow Feeder, Chewable, and Teeth Cleaning

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Introducing our Interactive Suction Cup Large Dog Ball Toy, the ultimate playtime solution designed specifically for big dogs like Golden Retrievers. This toy offers engaging interactive play, slow feeding benefits, and dental hygiene, making it an essential addition to your big pet's supplies.

Key Features:

  • Suction Cup Fun: The strong suction cup base secures the toy to smooth surfaces, providing a challenging and dynamic playtime for your large dog.

  • Slow Feeding: Transform mealtime into an engaging activity by inserting treats or kibble into the ball, promoting slower eating and improved digestion.

  • Chewable Bliss: Satisfy your pet's natural chewing instincts while promoting dental health and reducing tartar buildup.

  • Designed for Big Breeds: Tailored for large dogs like Golden Retrievers, ensuring they have a sturdy and appropriately sized toy.

  • Durable and Safe: Crafted from high-quality materials that can withstand vigorous play while ensuring your pet's safety.

  • Teeth Cleaning: The textured surface of the ball helps clean your dog's teeth and gums, promoting oral hygiene.

Elevate playtime and promote dental health for your big furry friend with our Interactive Suction Cup Large Dog Ball Toy 🐾. Order now to provide your pet with hours of engaging and beneficial play! 🐶🦷🎾

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Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Dorris Johnson

I am not satisfied with the quality at all. I am not even sure if it is a hundred percent silicon. the suction seems to suck firmly, but after a couple of minutes it loses Grip even on Marble☹️

Rosanna Boyle

Nice toy but it doesn't stick to any surface well. Our dog loves the ball. I just wish it was more sticky

Angela Wisozk

Product funny dog loved it horrible but is not strong enough בלהדביק to the floor, can disassemble it easily

Nina Wiza

Everything perfect✌🏻Dogs already love it

Jaycee Kunze

Second I buy! My dog is huge and this toy is undestructible😊